DOLAN® - Made in Germany

DOLAN GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of specialty acrylic fibers.

DOLAN® is your strong partner for sun protection, garden furniture and upholstery fabric applications and its sister fiber Dolanit® for technical applications such as filtration. How can we help you achieve better performance in your products?

Your Dolan & Dolanit team

With our know-how and flexibility we offer customized fiber solutions in the acrylic fiber area.

Our spun-dyed fiber DOLAN ® Type 25 is, with respect to light and weather fastness, ideally suited for the most demanding applications. Type 26 is the perfect fiber for work wear.

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With DOLANIT ® fibers, DOLAN GmbH has a strong focus in the area of technical products.

Type 12 is used in filtration; Type 10D and Type 18 are used in the construction industry. Type 10D is ideal for brake pads and friction materials

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