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In our product range we also offer a poly-acrylonitrile polymer powder in two different versions:

  • Co-polymer with 6% methyl acrylate, approx. molecular weight 80,000 g / mol
  • Homo-polymer with more than 99.5% acrylonitrile, molecular weight approx. 200.000 g / mol

The average particle size is approximately 40 micron. Suitable solvents are DMF, DMAc, DMSO and other solvent systems.


Polyacrylonitrile powder can be used in various fields. For example, it is used as a component for the production of films or membranes or as an additive for friction linings. After chemical modification it can be used as a water soluble polymer or gel, for example in waste water treatment as a flocculant. With appropriate optimization of the product it can even bind and remove heavy metals from waste water.

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Supplied in big bags with a net weight of about 320kg. Other forms of delivery on request.

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